Collaborative robot handshake

Safe and Collaborative

Human workers safety is a priority to Animoto robots. By design and software our robots obey the safety regulations and work aware of the human presence

Robot programming and setup

Setup and Programming

Animoto robots are versatile and very easy to program. Setup time is reduced a couple of times compared to a regular collaborative robot due to the innovative software practices

Connected robot

Industry 4.0 Enabled

Our robots are extensible and Internet connected. For improving the manufacturing operations - digital twin telemetry data is easily available in a fast and secure manner

Equipped With

Animotion controller

Animotion controller

Animotion controller is a robot controller with integrated PLC controller. Setup in three simple steps - plug the robot, plug the teach pendant and plug to the power outlet

Animoto Teach Pendant

Animoto teach pendant

Work on the behaviour of the machine rather than the integration. Animotoware is a set of software tools and robot programming environment. Our robots are easy to be setup and can switch the workflow context at a glance. Equipped with various sensors and cameras they can use artificial intelligence to make simple decisions and speed up the workflow