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Learn more about who our founders are. Discover the story of our product leading up to what it is now. Understand our mission and values that drive us to bring change.

Our Founders.

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Georgi Georgiev

Managing director of Forch Bulgaria, part of the German industrial giant Theo Forch GmbH & Co. He has a doctorate degree in robotics and mechatronics from the Technical University in Sofia. Post-graduate specialization in Queen’s University Belfast

Profile picture of the other owner of Giga Automata
Georgi arabadzhiev

 Entrepreneur, Roboticist, Polyglot Software Engineer, studied Mathematics and Computer Science in Darmstadt, Germany.

How our story goes.


Giga Automata is founded as an Entity


Our founders started working on the concept of Animoto cobot


Animoto is released after 3 years of Development


First customers gained.


Company expansion and Development

Our Values.

Hand holding people symbolizing customer-centric approach.

Customer-centric Approach

Our goal is to provide a solution, which will help each customer tackle its problem directly.

Flexible use cases.


We aim to be agile and listen to what the market wants.

Light bulb symbolising ideas.


We want to be an example of constant development in both technology & market approach

Our Mission.

Enter into Industry 5.0

The future of automation & robotics will be aimed in collaboration between humans and machines, and our goal is to help companies enter the new realities.

Address the Labor Shortage

All major advanced economies are facing human labor shortage. Our product helps companies automate repetitive actions. 

Make Automation Accessible

Giga Automata is focused on the democratization of the robotics market and make automation affordable.

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